The most frequently asked questions we get are answered here. If you have another question, please use our contact us page.

Is the robux generator safe to use?

Yes, defenitely. Roblox currently has no way of detecting this, and would need to change their whole way of assigning robux to accounts. This would also make the generator stop working. So there is no need to worry that roblox might detect that you used this tool!

Error "Your username is incorrect"

If you receive this error, you probably made an error typing your Roblox username. If you are really sure this is not the case, contact us.

I did not receive my free robux, what now?

If you have correctly followed all steps, please make sure you typed your Roblox username correctly and you can try again. If that does not work, we advise you to wait at least 2 HOURS before contacting us. It could be that a lot of people are requesting free robux and the server is busy handeling all the requests.

Why do you offer this for free?

We seriously considered selling this service, but in the end decided not to do it. The main reason for this was that we wanted to give something back to the community we enjoy being in for 14 years now!